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PATRON membership 

The Monmouth County Hunt has been a part of Monmouth County, New Jersey’s history since 1885.  By becoming a Patron the Monmouth County Hunt you help preserve an historic tradition, while being an active participant in most social functions and hunt events, while aiding in preserving a very special part of Monmouth County's history.  


Patrons enjoy Sunday post hunting breakfasts which occasionally include pop up tents from local vineyards and craft breweries, car following the meet on large hunting days and seeing the hounds work, invitations to parties such as wine tastings, Kentucky Derby, days at the races and tailgating at a premiere jump at Jersey Fresh each year. Invitations to general meetings, seats at the home Puppy Shows and NJ Interhunt Puppy Shows. 


Patron memberships includes opportunities to volunteer if interested in activities like trail clearing, jump building, fundraisers and helping at the hunter paces.  

Consider a Patron Membership to support the Monmouth County Hunt and help preserve this tradition for many generations to come.

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